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I will start with a confession -- I've had many failed blogs in the past. My first turned out to be a online journal filled with rants and raves about the life of a college student and ended when I found real world friends and no longer needed the online ones to reaffirm me. My second, a project with my husband dialoging our year of monthly beer shipments thanks to a wonderful "Beer of the Month" wedding gift, lasted about 3 months which is about 12 different beers sampled and reviewed so not a complete failure... My third was an attempt to document life as an osteopathic medical student in a major city. My last was as part of a fundraiser project for a Medical Missions trip to Guatemala. Since the only folks that donated were friends and family whom already got the full story and photos via the world of Facebook, I quickly abandoned that project.  There, now that that is out of the way, let me begin.

Why have I created this blog?
I've written my first full length novel thanks to NaNoWriMo 2012, and my intent is to use the blog to catalog the journey of creating and marketing a self-published novel as well as have a place to share helpful links, advise, and people that others may appreciate. I admit in advance that this blog is likely to get distracted with my other passions such as travel, thrift-store shopping, and medicine.

What do you write?
The above mentioned novel is a paranormal romance called Beyond the Reach of Judgement. I also have a short speculative fiction story entitled His Eyes which is currently available on Future projects include an urban fantasy novel involving the Black Angel of Iowa City, IA, and paranormal romance involving gargoyles.

Please check out my website if you are curious. Otherwise, stay tuned for details.

What do you Doctor?
Hospitalized adult patients

Where do you travel?
I am willing to go just about anywhere I get the opportunity to go. I've been to France, Ireland, Guatemala, Ontario Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica, and throughout the United States. I've stayed in everything from Hostels to B&Bs to All Inclusives.

Any other questions?
If so, feel free to comment me.  

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