Sunday, April 28, 2013

Excerpt from current project: Beyond the Reach of Judgement

He had waited too long. Intense hunger was all that drove him to fight the weakness that threatened to let him expire. Two day ago, his intentions were to let his end find him, but as usual, the intense pain of his hunger was too much to fight any longer. His need pulled him like a magnet from his bed and down the elevator into the parking garage below the building. He crawled into the driver’s seat of his black two-seater and brought the engine to life.

His tires squealed loudly as he pulled into the street towards Independence Avenue, his favorite hunting ground. It did not take long before his eyes found her standing stiffly on a corner with another female. As he slowed, her “friend” pushed her towards his vehicle and gave her a slap on the thigh. “Ooo, a Porsche. Lucky you. You can do this, Girl.” He heard her say with a drunk sounding slur and a giggle. Once again, the streets of Kansas City had blessed him.

He rolled down the window and forced his most charming smile. He could not help but notice the momentary flash of panic in her eyes when their gaze met. Did she know his secret? Still, she leaned into the window as her long dark hair tumbled over her shoulder. Her scent was intoxicating, and her heat hit him like a wave. He could hear her heart pounding in her chest, and his eyes instinctively drifted down to the cleavage positioned so perfectly above the vital organ. She would be an excellent choice for his evening plans. He almost grabbed her then and there but instead clenched the steering wheel tight in defense.

“This is a dangerous neighborhood, Sweetheart.” He gave her a slight smile. “You really should not be out here so late and all alone.” He shook his head with feigned empathy.  It was his usual line. “Allow me to take you somewhere a bit nicer, won’t you?” He motioned to the passenger seat as the automatic lock clicked up.

“Aren’t you a gentleman?” A flush slipped across her cheeks as she smiled and laughed nervously. “A gentleman with cash, I assume?”

“Of course. Your company will be well compensated.”

As she moved around the car to the passenger door he watched her movements like a cat watches a fish in a bowl. Her shoes were clearly too tight and too tall based on her awkward gait, but the clingy green number she was wearing more than made up for that. He longed for her now, but he knew he would have to be patient. How had he gotten so lucky tonight? She would be worth the wait.

She sat next to him and reached a hand over to touch his thigh with another nervous giggle. Instinctively, his body tensed, but she did not pull away. The warmth of her touch crept through his jeans and into his groin. He looked over at her from the corner of his eye. She was certainly younger than his usual selections, and a bit easier on the eyes. In fact, compared to most of his ladies, she was radiant. He almost felt guilty about taking her.


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