Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meet Julien

Julien René Durant: Classy, charming, cultured, but always conflicted

Born in 1614 in Saint-Malo, France to a family with good resources. At seventeen, he joined the priesthood as a Jesuit.

In 1640, after completing his formation, he left to New France (Ontario, Canada) to mission to the Natives in the name of his God to whom he had dedicated his life and to escape the temptation of a certain female for whom he had developed feelings. 

After two years among the Natives, learning their language and customs and teaching them of his religion, he had an unfortunate run-in with their "Devil" which left him undead and forever hungry for the blood of humans. 

For the next four centuries he travels around the United States, Canada and England avoiding detection while trying desperately to find a solution to his need to kill and to ease his aching conscience. 


While he found creative ways to compromise his morals to help ease his guilt, he never could accept what he had become, and he wished for nothing more than his own demise. 

...Until he met "Magdalen."

Physical Description: 5’10” tall, slender/lean bordering on gaunt/waifish when he has not fed, dark hair slightly shaggy hair with thick dark eye-brows and lashes, ice-blue eyes, pale/sallow complexion except for times shortly after feeding, always well groomed, enjoys wearing fine/well-fitting and well constructed clothing,

Personality: Deeply conflicted and even slightly naive considering age/experiences. Can be giving and a good listener when necessary but can be impulsive alternating with indecisive at times especially when hunger at highest and energy at lowest. He knows how to turn on the charm to get what he needs.

Habits/Mannerisms: Soft spoken. Loner. Enjoys the taste of alcohol and the feeling of drunkenness - dulls his pain and quiets his thoughts. He is aware of his ability to charm when necessary

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