Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet Ruth

Mary Ruth Jacobson-Ryan: small town girl dreaming of something more

Born an in 1987 and grew up as an only child in Warsaw, MO. Her father left her mother when she was 15 years old and her mother did not cope well. Mother became fanatically religious and forced her extreme beliefs onto Ruth which pushed her away from her mother and the Church. In her rebellion, she found interest in nature based religions and started practicing a Wiccan/Pagan type spirituality.

At the age of 16, she met Jonny, the neighbor boy. They were married by age 18, and he left her to join the military while her few remaining friends went off to college. He spent most of his four years deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. She saw him only twice during this time. Meanwhile, she worked as a cashier, waitress, and babysitter and wrote letters to her husband daily. In her free time, she kept a blog full of her "dream vacations" and "virtual wardrobe" and dreamed of her husbands return. She made plans to attend college or study online but never followed through due to lack of resources.

When Jonny returned home for good, however, she found he was not the same person she fell in love with in high school. She knew he had endured many terrible things during his time away from her, but she could not break down the walls he had built around himself. Even when he became aggressive towards her, she was determined to be a faithful wife.  The night she learned of her pregnancy, she left her husband quickly and quietly. 

While she was finally free from her small town life, she found she was still trapped by her own circumstances. Pregnant, broke, and hungry, she was ready to resort to drastic measures to keep from returning to her previous life.

...until a she crossed paths with Julien.

Physical Description: 5’4” tall, curvy in a 1950s movie star sort of way, long dark hair with side-swept bangs, blue eyes, small hands/short fingers, belly button piercing, and double pierced ears with several cartilage piercings.

Personality: She can be impulsive and stubborn. Independent but naive given her background. Slow to trust. Dreamer.

Habits/Mannerisms: Chews on her lower lip when nervous. Stares at people when she is upset with them. Loves nail polish. Likes to try new things and have new experiences but is limited by her situation. Enjoys shopping online because she cannot afford to travel to any “real stores.” 

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