Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Writing: Why I Love Being Indie

Why I Love Being Indie

It comes down to one thing - control. I wanted to maintain complete control of each part of the process of creating my novel, from first draft to final product. I did my own research, did my first preliminary edits, found my wonderfully insightful beta-readers, auditioned and hired my own quick and thorough editor, selected my own amazing cover designer and final beautiful cover design, found a formatter who quickly and effectively formatted my novel in unique EPUB, MOBI, and CreateSpace ready formats, and sought out my first generous reviewers.

By maintaining control then I know if I am successful, I deserve the credit, and if things don't work out the way I would like, I only have myself to blame. I will not worry about others' decisions interfering with my vision, and as someone who writes primarily for the joy of having a creative outlet, I wouldn't want it any other way, 

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