Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A trial with KDP Free Promo Days - His Eyes July 4-6

Starting July 4 and ending July 6, my short speculative fiction story, His Eyes, will be available for free download via the Amazon KDP Select program. I am considering this the first real test of the KDP program before deciding if I will enroll my upcoming paranormal romance novel, Beyond the Reach of Judgement, into this program upon completion of final edits and formatting.

My first trial was back in May when I did a single day promo on Cinco de Mayo with very little advertising other than a few Twitter Posts and a few Goodreads Forum posts that day before and the day of the event. It really was a spur of the moment, poorly prepped thing. Despite this, I had 25 downloads in 24 hours. I also got to #35 in Teen Science Fiction Free and in the top 100 for Free Short Stories during the promotion. I consider this a small success given the genre and short length of His Eyes.

This time I've stepped it up a notch - this post included. I found multiple sites that list KDP Free days for no cost. I found this lists on two sites:



I will plan to tweet the upcoming promotion at least daily but not more than twice daily, in attempt to increase awareness of my promo days. I've created a Goodreads Event regarding my upcoming free days which has 100 invitees. I also posted details of my free days on several Goodreads forums.

Stay tuned for updates as the promo gets underway!

His Eyes

Anya is a teenager of the future. She grew up in a world which warned her of the "Wild Days" of the turn of the century; a world that uses law to enforce morality and government to determine the definition of that morality. Her father is in prison for cheating on her mother, and her mother no longer knows she exists. But when she meets Jackson, none of that matters. What will happen when she gets lost in those thoughtful dark eyes and forgets all else?


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