Friday, May 16, 2014

Kitchen Adventure: Home Made Crunchwraps (Mexigons? WTF?)

For my latest kitchen experiment I attempted to make one of my restaurant favorites, the Crunchwrap Supreme. (Did you know the first considered name was the Mexigon? Glad that fell through.) This is a vegetarian and slightly healthier version for those of you looking for something tasty and healthy.

-large tortillas
-plain Greek yogurt
-refried beans
-shredded cheese
-pico de gallo
-shredded lettuce


-Lay out tortilla and spread pre-heated beans in the center.

-sprinkle cheese over beans

 -Place tostado over cheese and beans

-Cover tostado with yogurt
-Place lettuce and pico de gallo over yogurt

 -Fold tortilla edges over top


-This trial was cooked using table-top George Foreman Grill. Wrap turned 90 degrees (not flipped) half-way through cooking. Total cook time ~ 5 minutes.


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