Friday, May 2, 2014

New Project

As my first project as now been released; it is time to start moving forward. My new project is something I've been thinking about for years and finally feel ready to take it on. It is based on a fascinating burial marker that exists in Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City, IA - The Black Angel. This monument was erected in 1913 by Theresa Dolezal Feldwert to honor her second husband and her second son. She would later also be buried beneath the mysterious bronze angel. Because of its unusual color and posture, the angel statue has led to many urban legends and ghost stories which only grow with each passing year. While much is known about Theresa, much is still unknown making her a perfect inspiration for my next project.

Working title: Curse of An Angel
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Ingrid Musil seems like your average 20-something by all who may encounter her during the day, but she has a dark secret that few know. For reasons unknown to her or her family, she is the most recent in a 100 year history of her ancestors to receive premonitory dreams or awful things to come to those who disrespect The Black Angel. Her unwelcome knowledge forces her to spend many nights, and some days, attempting to save those future victims from their curse. She thought her secret was safe until she starts to feel someone watching her.

Ivan Cerny is an Art History student struggling to complete his thesis project. He's chosen the mysterious Black Angel monument of Oakland Cemetery as his subject but can't seem to find the proper focus for his analysis. He spends days in the Cemetery staring up at the statue with notebook in hand waiting for inspiration. Then on Halloween Night, after watching countless groups tempt the wrath of the Angel, he finds the angle for which he's been searching, but also something more. Is there really truth behind the legends?

Cara Dempster believes in the paranormal so much that she has become a paranormal investigator. She participates in investigations all over the Midwest, but her favorite spot remains that of  Oakland Cemetery in her hometown of Iowa City, as it was here she had her first paranormal experience and it was here that inspired her to pursue other experiences. She never imagined that it would be here, however, that she would find her best friends. Together, they seek answers to a mystery over 100 years in the making.

If you want well researched information on this monument and the fascinating woman behind it I recommend this book: The Black Angel: a centennial history 1913-2013 by Timothy Parrott

As you can see, the internet LOVES the Black Angel - here are some links I have used in my research if you are interested in learning more.

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