Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Favorites: Amazon Prime

Hello Again. Today's post is all about my love for my Amazon Prime Membership. So, if you already have Amazon Prime, you can stop reading because you already know how awesome the 2 Day Free Shipping, instant view TV and movies, instant listen music catalog, and free Kindle downloads are. If you don't have Amazon Prime, however, (are there still some of you out there?), let me continue to tell you why you should consider it.

My husband and I have moved three times in the last six years. As those of you whom have moved recently know, with each move comes different wants and "needs" for the new home and often as limited budget in which to obtain those needs, especially early on. Sometimes these are minor things like picture frames and wall hangings, and sometimes these are larger, more prominent things like shelving, end tables, etc. What is great about my Prime Membership is that it doesn't matter it I am ordering dust cloths or a vacuum cleaner, it ships for free in two days (sometimes even less). Because of this, I often find myself price comparing and reading reviews of products I find locally, on Amazon before I commit to a purchase. If I find the deal better locally, and the reviews don't hate it, I feel good with my purchase. If not, since I prefer to shop/spend locally when possible, I mention the Amazon price to the local retailer. Some retailers will attempt to price match or at least come closer to the Amazon price. I've got some incredible deals this way and gotten to keep my money local which I love.

Sometimes, despite trying my best to find what I want locally, it just isn't possible. These are the times when I especially love my Prime Membership. So many times, after hours of hunting in stores, I log on the Amazon and find exactly what I am seeking at a great price AND it will ship to me for free. I have purchases so many things this way - specialty shampoos, skin care and makeup products, artwork, poster frames, end tables, bar stools, bedding, bed frame, cat toys/supplies, green cleaning supplies, shelving, closet storage/organizers, a grill, an electric lawnmower, hard to find BluRays, and music.

Personally, I don't use the instant video often, but I have used it for things like work-out videos and those times when I just "have-to" see a certain movie that I don't own. I love that I can watch on my big screen TV, computer, tablet, and phone. I've also started to enjoy the Music benefit. My work-out music library is growing steadily thanks to Amazon Prime Music. Now, if only my gym membership had a Prime discount...

Finally, as an Indie Author, I find the benefit of the Kindle Lending Library to be amazing. I can support other Indie Authors, and find great reads on my Kindle for Free!

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